Artist Statement

I love color. If there is a color out there, I’ll find it.

There is also the satisfaction that comes from painting en plein air and dealing with the challenges of rapidly changing light‚ temperatures‚ birds dashing by and bugs landing on your paper…lots of thrashing about and colorful language!

I like to rearrange the colors and tinker more with the textures and emotional aspects—saying something differently‚ so to speak. Even a quiet pastoral scene has energy and emotion.

I like to create a visual journey with swaths of color and movement of line that take me back to the scene. The abstract work seems to run on pure emotion these days‚ however.

Hopefully‚ it’s a journey for the viewer as well. When you are lucky enough to be an artist‚ you are never done learning‚ growing‚ and sharing your gift.

The journey continues.